What is a CAS?

Today, over 7,000 programs nationwide have adopted a Centralized Application Service (CAS) to manage their applications for enrollment. These intuitive online portals create discipline-wide opportunities for recruitment to a profession, research on applicants and students and collaboration among peers, such as participating in interprofessional student recruiting events.

GradCAS specifically offers:

  • A national platform for driving applications for enrollment to your institution.
  • A no-cost, cloud-based admissions software for delivering a better applicant experience.
  • Communications tools for enabling targeted, personalized, relevant communications to applicants in process.
  • Document scanning, reference management and applicant customer services, so you can focus on strategic enrollment priorities.
  • Analytics tools for evaluating, selecting and enrolling the best-fit students, as well as benchmark and analyze year-over-year trend data to make more strategic decisions.

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