Overview & benefits

Take a proactive approach for enrollment results with GradCAS

If you’re ready to be proactive with your approach to yield, GradCAS will help you reach, engage and enroll best-fit students.

Find more time and resources to focus your team on what matters. Gain more exposure to drive enrollment outcomes. Make more connections to your graduate enrollment community. Take more control over enrollment with less work. Become part of a powerful community of graduate enrollment leaders. Deliver an outstanding applicant experience. GradCAS makes it all possible.

Join the only CAS for graduate programs and see why your colleagues choose GradCAS for breakthrough processing and support services, visual enrollment insights and marketing services.
Application Services

Application Services

GradCAS offers you a single application portal

  • Streamline the process to research and apply to multiple programs
  • Offer students a modern application experience
  • Provide 24/7 access to real-time application status updates
Admissions Services

Admissions Services

GradCAS adds your school and programs to a graduate education marketplace

  • Drive awareness of all of your graduate programs with a streamlined application process and personalized communication tools
  • Decrease time to decision with an external processing team
  • Provide insight into enrollment trends and performance with robust analytics and reporting tools
Community Benefits

Community Benefits

GradCAS benefits the graduate education discipline

  • Collect and deliver consistent, actionable data about global, discipline-wide enrollment and recruitment trends
  • Facilitate enrollment projections to guide data-driven recruitment strategies
  • Share best practices for building a better class, and ultimately, a better workforce
Data Services

Data Services

GradCAS provides data management teams with a robust set of tools

  • Customized data integration
  • Proven data management
  • Best-in-class data security and privacy
  • Affordable implementation

Focus on what really matters with GradCAS

As a member of the GradCAS Community, you’ll gain new resources at no cost to your institution, so you can focus on recruiting and engaging tomorrow’s graduate program leaders.

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