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IT professionals in higher education have a lot to manage. You’re supporting students, faculty, staff and parents with greatly varied needs. You’re maintaining student information systems, classroom technologies and online learning tools. You’re setting up integrations between disparate systems, possibly wrangling department or program-specific software and applications — and trying to stay on top of advances in your field.

You could probably use some help.

That’s where Liaison’s GradCAS™, a SaaS Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate programs, comes in. More than 7,000 academic programs on 800 campuses leverage a CAS. We’ve got a long history of capturing the information your admissions team needs, delivering a streamlined applicant experience and empowering both applicants and admissions staff with easy-to-use self-service capabilities.

Our admissions clients have told us they need a powerful, flexible solution for capturing and evaluating applications that doesn’t require a lot of support from their campus IT team. We understand. Students, admissions staff and faculty reviewers are astonished at how intuitive it is to use a CAS. And our staff handles all technical support questions from applicants.

Missouri State University’s Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College Dr. Julie Masterson said her institution chose GradCAS in part because it required minimal ongoing support from the campus IT team. “I had to have a system with power and flexibility that could be configured and managed from my unit. We needed computer services to do the initial crosswalk to get the information out of WebAdMIT™ [the GradCAS backend] into our student information system, but once they figured that out, we didn’t need them to configure anything else or add another program or anything like that,” she explained.

Integrations with common CRM, ERP and SIS are relatively straightforward; our team can work with you to determine how to best meet your schools’ unique requirements.

Come see us at booth 1702 at EDUCAUSE to learn more about how GradCAS can help you reduce the admissions burden on your IT resources and infrastructure.

Tom Downey

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